Urinary incontinence – the inability to control urination normally – is so common that it’s estimated up to 13 million people a year suffer the discomfort to one degree or another. You may be experiencing one of these several types of incontinence:

  • Urge incontinence (when you feel the urge to go and the urine comes out before you’re able to get to the bathroom)
  • Stress incontinence (loss of urine during commonplace activities like sneezing, coughing or laughing)
  • Mixed incontinence (combination of both stress and urge incontinence)
  • Total incontinence (leaking urine all the time)
  • Overflow incontinence (when your bladder malfunctions, retaining urine until it is full and the urine leaks out)

If medications and lifestyle changes have not provided adequate relief and your symptoms have become intolerable, NJCPC&U offers several, minimally invasive procedures as treatment:

  • Retropubic Suspensions – These surgical options treat hypermobility and often are referred to as the Burch procedure. They elevate and restore the urethra and bladder neck to a higher anatomical position.
  • Slings – A sling procedure is used to treat both hypermobility and intrinsic sphincter deficiency. The sling serves as support for the urethra during increased abdominal pressure.
  • Bone fixated slings – treat incontinence by supporting the urethra with a graft material that is secured to the pubic bone, such as the AMS In-Fast Ultra.
  • Self-fixating slings treat incontinence by supporting the urethra. The sling is secured in place by friction and natural tissue ingrowth, rather than by sutures or screws. The AMS SPARC™, AMS Monarc™, AMS BioArc™ SP and AMS BioArc™ TO all are examples of self-fixating slings. The new AMS MiniArc™
    features small, self-fixating tips that anchor the sling and provide short-term fixation. Mesh characteristics allow tissue fixation without suturing.

To ascertain which procedure could provide the best solution for your Incontinence condition, please schedule a consultation with NJCPC&U.