Robotic Radical Cystectomies Found Safe for Elderly

According to a new study, Robotic Radical Cystectomies are safe for the elderly, and result in fewer complications than open radical cystectomies. The study, completed by the University of Washington in Seattle led by Brian R. Winters, MD.

“Our study contributes to emerging evidence that RARC patients may experience less blood loss, fewer transfusions, and shorter hospital stays than ORC patients with no difference in complication rates,” the authors wrote. “As elderly patients present with substantial comorbidity, decreased functional status, and risk for prolonged convalescence, these data show that RARC is safe and associated with potential benefit.”

This information confirms what the doctors at NJ Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology have been doing for years. Our patient outcomes have consistently confirmed that Robotic Cystectomies are safer and provide better outcomes with fewer complications for our older patients.

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