Robotic Surgery for Ureteral Structure/Reimplant

The ureters are tubes that carry urine from your kidneys to your bladder. A ureteral stricture is a narrowing of the ureter that results in an obstruction of the flow of urine. An unattended obstruction can cause kidney failure. Treatment traditionally has involved endoscopic surgery, wherein a ureteral stent is inserted to drain urine into the bladder. However, this is not a permanent solution as the stent must be changed every few months. More permanent solutions have traditionally been done requiring open surgical repair.

If you are seeking a state-of-the-art repair to a ureteral stricture, you should speak with the doctors of NJCPC&U about Robotic Ureteral Reimplantation, a minimally invasive surgery to reconstruct the ureter. With NJCPC&U’s expertise in using the da Vinci Robot, this procedure can provide you with a more comfortable and effective alternative. Patients generally experience a brief hospital stay and quicker recovery than with open surgery.