Robotic Surgery for Treatment of Urologic Cancers and Benign Conditions

At New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology, we specialize in the use of robotic surgery to treat urologic conditions in men and women. Robotic Surgery is a minimally-invasive technique that provides better outcomes and reduced risk as compared to traditional open surgery.

Robotic surgery is performed through 4 small, dime-sized incisions with the use of robotic arms controlled by our surgeons. The treatment area is viewed through an endoscopic camera with stereoscopic vision using 2 lenses. This magnified image is transmitted to a console in 3D where the surgeon uses foot pedals and hand controls to guide 3 robotic arms through the treatment area. The robotic system converts the surgeons movements into precision micro-movements allowing the arms to act as scalpels, scissors and electrocautery devices.

The precise, microscopic accuracy of robotic surgery helps protect the delicate tissue and nerves surrounding the treatment area. Patients experience less post-surgical complications, pain, and blood loss and require a shorter hospital stay with robotic surgery as compared to open surgery. The small incisions and shorter hospital stay reduce the risk of post-surgical infection resulting in a shorter recovery period and increased patient comfort.

The doctors of New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology use robotic-assisted surgery in men and women for the treatment of:

The simplified diagram below will give you an overview of the use of robotic surgery and its benefits.