List of Dr. Vincent Lanteri’s Research, Publications and Presentations


Lanteri, V., Leyson, J.: The Effect of Oral Magnesium in the Treatment of Spinal Cord Patients with Hypotonic Bladders. Third Prize, Residents Essay Contest, New Jersey, Chapter American College of Surgeons, December 1, 1979

Lanteri, V., Rotelli, A., Iglesias, J.J., Seebode, J. J., Sporer, A.: 400 Transurethral Resections of the Prostate Using the Iglesias Continuous Suction Resectoscope. F.C. Valentine Urology Essay Contest, May, 1980 and Chief Urology Residents Conference, Lake Tahoe, May, 1980

Lanteri, V., Haney, G., and Cohen, M.: Bronochogenic Carcinoma of the Lung Presenting as a Scrotal Mass. Valentine Urology Essay Contest. May, 1977

Lanteri, V., Iglesias, J.J.: Resectoscope Loop Lithoclast for Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy. F.C. Valentine Essay Contest. May, 1978

Gejerman, G., Richter, F., Lanteri, V., Rosenberg, G., Scheuch, J., Siegel, A., Vitenson, J.: Does the Addition of Conformal Beam Radiotherapy to Prostate Seed Implantation Cause Significant Acute Toxicity? The Journal of Urology, 161:338, 1999

Lanteri, Vincent: Perspectives in Three Dimensional (3D) Assisting for Robotic Laparoscopic Prostatectomy American Urological Association Annual Meeting, Engineering Society, 2007

Medical Publications

Lanteri, V., Pontes, E., Wajsman, Z., Beckley, S., Murphy, G.P.: Treatment of Testicular Tumors Arising in Patients with Previous Inguinal and/or Scrotal Surgery. The Journal of Urology, Volume 127

Lanteri, V., Choudhry, M., Beckley, S., Wajsman, Z., Pontes, E.: Superior Vena Cava Syndrome in a 56-year-old man C.P.C. The Journal Of Urology, Volume 126. November, 1981

Iglesias, J.J., Kardasian, J.F., Lanteri, V.J., Berdini, J.L., Sporer, A., Seebode, J.J.: Iglesias Articulated Endoscopy Teaching Attachment. The Journal Of Urology, Volume 120. October, 1978

Lanteri, V., Choudhry, M., Drogone, N., Beckley, S., Wajsman, Z., Pontes, E.: The Use of High Dose Tamoxifen in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma. Urology, Volume XIX, Number 6. June, 1982

Gejerman, G, Mullokandov, E.A., Saini, A.J., Lanteri,V., Scheuch, J., Vitenson, J., Rosen, J., Garden,R., Sawczuk, I.: The Effects of Edema on Urethral Dose After Palladium — 103 Brachytherapy. Medical Dosimetry. 2002; 27:221-5

Gejerman, G., Richter, F., Lanteri, V., Scheuch, J., Siegel, A., Levey, S., Garden, R., Rosenberg, G., Basralian, K., Rosen, J., Mullokandov, E., Vitenson, J., Vikram, B.: Impact of Urethral Localization During Transrectal Ultrasonographically — Guided Transperineal Prostate Brachytherapy. Journal of Brachytherapy International. 2000; 16:249-255