Patient Stories

Louis Dimino

In the days following his cancer diagnosis, Louis Dimino was encouraged by his family doctor to have radiation seeding treatment, but friends told him that wasn’t the way to go. Instead, the Matawan, NJ resident became NJCPC&U’s 2000th patient to have a successful, robotic prostatectomy at Monmouth Medical Center. Dimino is eager to credit his wife Patty with taking the initiative to research all the treatment options thoroughly. NJCPC&U came highly recommended by other patients, some of whom were speaking about their conditions for the first time. “Men don’t talk as easily about these things as women do,” Patty noted. “But get a bunch of them together in the doctor’s waiting room and man, did they share. Then we knew what to expect and what we wanted to do. It was so helpful.”

Richard Harris

Richard Harris, a banker from Westfield, NJ, had family experience with prostate cancer. After being diagnosed himself in 2009, Harris’s first call was to his out-of-state brother, a survivor, who recommended finding the most experienced doctor in robotic surgery that he could find in the NY-NJ region. Harris identified a number of surgeons who had performed 30-40 procedures but none had the level of experience and track record of the NJCPC&U practice. Harris chose Dr. Lanteri and became the 1999th patient of NJCPC&U to undergo robotic prostatectomy at Hackensack Medical Center. “Even though I looked into alternatives to surgery, both philosophically and psychologically I felt better knowing that the cancer would be out of me. I researched on the Internet extensively and found that Lanteri & Esposito actually wrote a text book for other doctors on robotic surgery,” he recalled. “These guys really know what they’re doing. I was extremely confident in them.”

Michael Yosko

Michael Yosko of Garfield, NJ, was NJCPC&U’s first robotic prostatectomy patient at Hackensack Medical Center in 2002. He recalls being stunned by the cancer diagnosis. “My primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Lanteri and when he confirmed I had two tumors, my first thought was, ‘you’re kidding’ but my second thought was, ‘well, my father had it too.’” Yosko, a sewer worker whose job requires a lot of physical strength, has completely recuperated and is living cancer-free. “I expected to be in the hospital 4 or 5 days but was home in 48 hours. I had little pain.” He chuckled, “I actually enjoyed the short recovery time, like a little vacation.”

F. Ogunlade

Dear Dr. Ahmed,
My wife, our sons and daughter and I want to express our utmost gratitude, gratefulness and thankfulness for the excellent laparoscopic prostatectomy you did on me on 06/11/13. I came out of the surgery feeling very well, stronger than expected and today I am doing better by each passing day.