Our Video Used for Training at Prestigious Vattikuti Foundation

We are proud that our published video of the daVinci Salvage Prostatectomy is being used by the prestigious Vattikuti Foundation (VFRSI) in demonstrating the technique and further educating surgeons around the world.

Our surgeons were pioneers in the field of robotic surgery, and some of the first to perform the robotic prostatectomy in the United States. NJ Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology doctors were also responsible for training the first wave of robotic surgeons throughout the region. We are happy to continue making contributions that advance the field in robotic surgery and help educate fellow urologic surgeons, general urologists, as well as patients.

The VFRSI portal is dedicated to bringing together the institutions, professionals and patients with the objective of educating and mentoring the community in the field of minimally invasive surgery through funding programs that educate, refine, inspire and provide equipment to bring this to everyone.

The members of the Vattikuti Network of Institutions and Network Doctors contribute frequently to the portal, making it a unique place for receiving and sharing a wealth of knowledge in the area of robotic surgery. This Website gives the medical community the opportunity to view, participate and also contribute new ideas. We at NJ Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology are happy to be a part of it.

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