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Male Sexual Dysfunction: A Predictor of Heart Disease

Having some fat on our bodies is not a bad thing, as long as it is not excessive. Fat serves a number of useful purposes: it cushions internal organs, provides insulation to conserve heat and it is a means of storing energy and fat-soluble vitamins. Fat is also part of the structure of the brain […]

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UroLift For Men Suffering From BPH

UroLift is a minimally invasive therapy for men suffering from BPH that is growing in popularity with urologists, including those in our office. In fact, our practice was one of the first in New Jersey to offer patients UroLift . The prostatic urethral lift (PUL) procedure, known by the trade name UroLift, takes less than an hour and […]

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Prostate Steaming For Better Urinary Streaming

A new, minimally invasive procedure for treating symptomatic prostate enlargement has been tested in clinical trials and has been shown to be safe and effective. I was informed about it at a recent urology meeting in Prague and was intrigued because of its simplicity. The prostate steaming procedure–called “Rezum”–takes less than 15 minutes and uses convective heat […]

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It’s Not Just What’s In Your Genes That Counts: 10 Interesting Genetic Facts

This entry is a little diversion from the usual pelvic health blogs, but covers a fascinating topic that is at the forefront of medical research.

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, but apes have 24 pairs. We lost a chromosome during evolution, but gained a thumb…less is more! Noteworthy is that the genetic material of apes is […]

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10 Reasons for Men to Kegel

The pelvic floor muscles—a.k.a. the Kegel muscles—are internal, hidden and behind-the-scenes muscles, yet they are vital to a healthy life. There are numerous advantages to keeping them fit and robust with pelvic floor exercises.  Last week’s entry detailed why this is the case for females and today’s will explain how and why are equally beneficial for males.  As the saying goes: “What’s good […]

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Addyi: Female Viagra?

Clearly, sexism exists in the field of sexual medicine with a large gender gap with respect to the recognition and treatment of sexual issues. Numerous medications and options are available for male sexual dysfunction, but choices are few are far between for females with sexual problems.  Men have pelvic floor muscle training, vibrational stimulation, vacuum suction […]

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Dr. Mutahar Ahmed Works with Bangladesh Association of Urologic Surgeons

We are proud that our colleague, Dr. Mutahar Ahmed is one the leaders in forging a stronger partnership between the American Urologic Association and the Bangladesh Association of Urologic Surgeons. Last year, Dr. Ahmed traveled to represent the AUA at the BAUS annual meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dr. Ahmed conducted a hands-on course on laparoscopic adrenalectomy, radical nephrectomy and partial nephrectomy. This meeting also […]

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(Fireworks, 8/2007, author AngMoKio)

In the arena of male sexual dysfunction (MSD), ejaculation problems play second fiddle to erectile dysfunction (ED). Today’s entry explores common issues with ejaculation other than premature ejaculation.

What my patients tell me: 

“It takes me too long.”

 “I can’t ejaculate.”

 “It happens, but not much fluid comes out.”

 “It just dribbles out with no force.”

 “I barely […]

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Sleep Apnea is Bad for both Sexual and Urinary Health

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This is an important topic, an issue that the medical community is just getting wind of (pardon the pun) with respect to how common a problem it is and how significant its consequences are. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) negatively affects all aspects of health, including sexual and urinary function. Many patients with […]

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Dr. Mutahar Ahmed Named Elite American Physician

We are honored that our colleague Dr. Mutahar Ahmed has been named an Elite American Physician. Dr. Ahmed was recognized for dedication, achievements and leadership in urological oncology. Congratulations to Dr. Ahmed on this wonderful achievement!

Driven by his desire to help others, Dr. Ahmed has met with tremendous success over the last 13 years by continually […]

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