Successful Procedures

Successful removal of prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, and treatment of adrenal gland disease depends on the expertise of the surgeon and the level of precision that can be achieved with the surgical equipment being used

Our Expertise in the Treatment of Prostate, Bladder and Kidney Cancer

The doctors at New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology have been performing robotic prostatectomies since 2001. We were the first to bring minimally-invasive, robotic prostate surgery to New Jersey and were instrumental in testing and perfecting the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System® in its early stages of development. Masters in its use, we’ve successfully completed over 7,000 robotic prostatectomies using the da Vinci Robot. In fact, our doctors wrote the book Robotic Urologic Surgery that is used by Dr. Michael Esposito, Dr. Mutahar Ahmed, Dr. Gregory Lovallo, Dr. Vincent Lanteri and Dr. Thomas Christiano to teach other surgeons throughout the United States and Europe to perform robotic prostate surgery.

Our mastery of robotic surgery extends our abilities beyond the removal of prostate cancer to the successful treatment of urologic diseases such as bladder cancer, kidney cancer, adrenal gland disorders and reconstructive urological surgery for both men and women, all performed with the same precision that has gained us recognition as leaders in robotic prostatectomies.

The Benefits of Our Experience

Our record of over 7,000 robotic prostatectomies with a 0% mortality rate speaks for itself. We’ve never lost a robotic prostatectomy patient to prostate cancer. Ever.

We’ve performed the most robotic prostatectomies in the tri-state area. The sheer volume of patients we’ve successfully treated has honed our skills to a level of precision unmatched by most surgeons in the country. We have achieved excellent results in removing prostate, bladder and kidney cancer without leaving cancer cells behind.

Our familiarity with complex urological cancer cases reduces our surgical time to half the national average. Our ability to perform intricate robotic surgery accurately and efficiently significantly reduces the amount of time a patient spends under anesthesia. Time does matter in surgical procedures. A shorter time under anesthesia correlates with a shorter hospital stay and reduced incidence of post-surgical complications and infection.

While the daVinci Surgical System is state-of-the-art technology, not every surgeon is trained and expert in its use. You can rest assured that our surgeons at New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology are the authorities in the NY-NJ region. More experience makes for better outcomes.

Our Proprietary Treatments and Protocols

We teach other surgeons on a daily basis, yet there are some techniques and protocols developed at New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology that are considered proprietary. They’ve taken years of collaboration to develop and strongly influence our post-surgical outcomes.

We administer a strict protocol of a state-of-the-art algorithm to minimize post-operative pain and discomfort prior to all urologic surgeries. We initiate these measures, which are tailored to each patient, before surgery begins to provide the best pain relief possible in the days following surgery.

Our method of treating prostate cancer aims to return patients to a functional post-operative life. We use a non-disruptive technique that does not touch the nerves or sphincter, allowing us to protect erectile function and urinary control.

We begin treatment for prostate cancer with a rehabilitative regimen prior to surgery, which includes pelvic floor training with our self-designed Private Gym, as well as the daily use of a low dose medication to encourage post-operative erectile function. The implementation of our physical conditioning and a weight loss program also significantly improves outcomes. Simple, post-op erectile function rehabilitation is also part of the overall process.

These treatments and protocols, combined with our vast experience, are the reasons we are consistently referred by nurses and health professionals. They also account for our 100% satisfaction rate for same-day surgery at outpatient surgical centers.

Single Port Robotic Surgery

Because of our large patient population, New Jersey Urology (NJU) is collaborating with pharmaceutical and device companies in the research and development of innovative therapies. Our urology practice—NJU Maywood and Teaneck—pioneered robotic urology in the early 2000s and because of our high volume of cases and superior outcomes has been chosen to be one of the first group of surgeons in the United States to trial the newest robotic innovation—single port robotic surgery. Used in select cases, instead of five keyhole incisions in the abdomen, this breakthrough technology uses a single keyhole incision. Within this single port, four arms are deployed within the body. Our practice has performed almost 100 cases to date with excellent results. This new method has the potential to incur less pain, less scarring, and result in a shorter hospital stay.

Our Precision Equipment

The da Vinci Robotic Surgical System® enables surgical precision beyond the limits of the human hand. It provides a 3-D, magnified view to aid our surgeons in navigating the delicate nerves and blood vessels surrounding the prostate, the intricate network of cancer cells targeted for removal in the bladder and kidneys, and the diseased areas of adrenal glands. Surgery is performed through 5 small incisions. This revolutionary system offers many benefits compared to open surgery:

  • Less bleeding (bloodless surgery, transfusion-free)
  • Less pain and scarring due to smaller incisions
  • Non-thermal, nerve-sparing for improved erectile function
  • Rapid urinary control with less incontinence
  • Quicker recovery – a one-day hospital stay
  • Improved cancer cure rate

The doctors at New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology have now done 15 procedures with the Single Port da Vinci Robot – the most in the tri-state area! Click here to learn more about da Vinci Robotic Surgery and its benefits.


For the safety of our patients and staff, our office’s first priority is to protect our patient population. Therefore, we are instituting social distancing between patients in the waiting room. We request no more than one individual, over the age of 18, accompany the patient for their appointment.

Upon arrival for check in, our staff will take your mobile number and will call you when it is time to enter, allowing you to stay in your car or walk around safely outside.

We have removed all magazines from the waiting area and sanitizing all Phreesia tablets between patients (for those offices using this technology).

We also request visitors to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizers before and after visiting.

We are taking these proactive precautions to protect our patients, team members, and the communities we serve. New Jersey Urology believes these protective measures are essential to minimizing exposure and keeping our patients and staff safe.